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Alex: (4x,2)(4x,2x)*

Version 1.0

1) Do 2-in-1 hand.

Version 1.5
Begin by getting three balls, two in the right, and one in the left. Cross your arms L over R and turn your LH over as if you were clawing.
1) With your RH, do 2-in-1 hand towards the inside (clockwise).

Got that? Stop. Do it on the other side:
2) Cross your arms R over L, with your RH palm down, and do 2-in-1 hand towards the inside (counter clockwise).

To make it look good, we need a way to switch between them, so…

Version 2.0
Let’s learn how to change from 2-in-1 hand on the left side of the juggling space (i.e. juggling with your RH) to 2-in-1 hand on the right side of the juggling space.
1) Start as before by doing 2-in-1 one hand under the arm with your RH, then…
2) Throw the two balls in quick succession higher than usual (a little above your head), aiming them in an arc to the right side of the pattern.
3) Right after you throw the two balls, uncross your arms and then recross them to R over L.
4) As you uncross and recross, hand off the ball in your LH to your RH. Turn your RH so it’s in clawing position, and brace yourself for the 2 balls falling into your LH.
5) Catch the first one and immediately toss it up again as a 2-in-1 hand throw on the outside of the pattern.
6) Catch the second one and you’ve successfully transferred to the other side! Continue with under the arm 2-in-1 hand on that side as long as you want.

Congratulations. Now do it shifting back to the left side:
7) Throw up both of the 2-in-1 hand balls
8) Uncross and recross your hands to a L over R position.
9) Meanwhile, pass off the ball in your RH to your LH.
10) Catch the incoming 2-in-1 hand balls and you’re ready to go again.

Version 3.0
Now it gets intense. Remember that part of the trick where you sit there while one hand does 2-in-1 hand? That’s was cut. All that’s left, then, is the transition: throw two up, uncross and recross your arms, at the same time handing off the ball that’s left (don’t forget to move one hand to clawing position after the pass)Then immediately do it on the other side. If you need more direction that that:
1) After you’ve transferred sides and the first of the 2-in-1 hand balls is coming down, catch it and rethrow it on the outside of the pattern to the side of the juggling space where it came from.
2) Throw the second one in the same way. There is no waiting around with any 2-in-1 hand throws; as soon as the balls arc over, send ‘em right back!
The rhythm so far is something of a throw, throw-pass, throw, throw-pass… If you can get this step then you’re almost there.

At this point, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that you’re almost there; the bad news is that this is the hardest part.

Version 3.5
Juggle the pattern again, except this time pay attention to the ball that’s getting handed back and forth. It waits a while, then changes hands, then waits a while, then changes hands. The final modification to make Alex is to change this by doing something during the ball’s downtime.

That “something” is a little one ball activity. To learn it, go back to 1 ball. Hold it in your RH, cross your arms R over L, and turn your R palm downward. Instead of uncrossing and recrossing your arms like before…
1) Drop the ball.
2) Before it can fall to the ground, whip your RH under your LH and catch it with your hand in normal position. Again, your LH should stay still during this.
3) From that crossed state, toss the ball up as a short under-the-arm throw to your LH. 4) Catch it and turn your hand over. It takes the same amount of time as the holding and crossing bit we did before, but it adds a nice effect.
Now do it on the other side: drop-whip-catch! toss, catch-turn.

Version 4.0!
The final step is to mix these.
1) Juggle the 3 ball pattern as before in Version 3.0, but when you throw the first of the high crossing throws,
2) Simultaneously drop the passed-back-and-forth ball. Whip around to catch it.
3) When you throw the second of the high balls, make the short toss at the same time.

Once you catch the short toss, you’re ready to do it on the other side:
4) Turn your hand over, catch the high one coming down, and rethrow them simultaneously.
5) Whip around and catch the drop. Rethrow it as the short toss at the same time as you throw the second high one.

And that’s the pattern. One high crossing throw which is thrown under-the-arm and caught over-the-arm, another high crossing throw which is thrown over-the-arm and caught under-the-arm, and the remaining ball being dropped as the first high one is thrown, and tossed as the second high one is thrown. Learned it? Check out the video if you want to be sure, then make up your own variations!

-Will Penman