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Hurricane Series

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Bonnie: 42423

Version 0.5

Start with two balls in your RH and one in your LH. Do 42 (2-in-1 hand) in columns from your RH. When you feel comfortable,
1) Throw the outside ball a little more “outside?(in this case, a little more to the right) than usual.
We want to catch it under-the-arm with our LH, but there’s a problem: our LH already has a ball in it. To fix that
2) Throw up the ball in your LH as a 4 going to the outside. Now you can
3) Reach under your RH and catch the ball that’s falling.
4) Uncross your arms and re-throw it to the inside of the other ball. Now you’re doing 2-in-1 hand on the left side.
5) Learn to transfer to and from both sides. You throw up the outside one, throw up the ball in your other hand, reach under to catch the falling outside ball, uncross, and rethrow on the inside.

Version 1.0
Let’s make the transfer as often as we can.
1) When you uncross and rethrow like in the steps above, the rethrown ball is on the inside. That means that the next ball is on the outside. And when you throw one on the outside you can
2) Throw the ball up from your other hand.
3) Reach under, catch, and uncross.
4) Rethrow on the inside. That means the next ball is on the outside, and you can do it on the other side.

Got a handle on that? The pattern looks pretty good so far, but it needs a little flair?

Version 2.0
If you juggle the pattern we were just doing, you’ll see that the hand that isn’t doing 2-in-1 hand just sits there for a long time (3 beats in fact) before it has to do anything. To make it Bonnie, we fix this with one slight change:
Every time you make an “inside?throw with one hand, orbit that ball with your other hand.
What does that look like when you juggle it?

Start with two balls in your RH and one in your LH.
1) Throw an introductory outside throw from your RH.
2) Throw an inside throw from your RH. This means you should
3) Start to orbit that inside throw (in a counterclockwise circle with your LH)
4) Catch the first ball you threw and rethrow it as another outside throw. This means you should be done with your orbit and have caught the orbited ball by now, because you have to
5) Throw the ball you were circling with.
6) Reach under, catch the falling ball, and uncross your hands.
7) With the ball you just caught, throw it on the inside. That means?
You’re up to doing it on the other side now. RH clockwise orbit, LH outside throw, RH outside throw, RH reach under, catch, uncross, RH rethrow on the inside.

Collect $200, you’re back at GO! and able to juggle Bonnie. Want to take a look at it without having to concentrate? Check out this video.

-Will Penman