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Charley: 3

Charley is a beautiful, (relatively) simple trick that and makes a nice addition to anyone's bag of 3 ball tricks. In fact, I think of Charley as the Mills Mess of the future. While Mills Mess has three throws on each side, Charley has five. This difference not only creates a completely different trick, but opens itself up to endless variations and modifications.

Most of this tutorial will compare throws of Charley with throws of Mills Mess. Because of this, when I say “normal” here, I mean it in reference to Mills Mess: a “normal” U-ball throw is the under-the-arm throw that goes to the outside of the pattern, a “normal” tennising throw is the over-the-arm throw to the inside, and a “normal” reverse cascade throw is the uncrossed throw that goes almost straight up. That said, let’s learn Charley!

Version 1.0
1) Do Mills Mess.

Version 2.0
Think about Mills Mess in your head. Usually you make the U-ball throw on the outside of the pattern. For Charley, we’re going to insert a fake U-ball throw, a fake tennis throw, and only then will we do the normal U-ball toss. What does this look like? Let’s examine it on the right side of the pattern first:
1) Juggle Mills Mess until you get to the LH under-the-arm U-ball throw. Instead of throwing the U-ball to the outside (to the right of the one coming down), we’re going to insert a fake U-ball throw by throwing it to the left of the ball coming down. It needs to go far enough left that you can
2) Without uncrossing your arms. throw the ball in your RH to the right of the one we just threw. Throw it straight up, but a little to the right.

Those were the two extra throws. Now you are back where we started: you are R over L and a ball is falling down to the right. Now you can continue Mills Mess by
3) Throw a normal LH U-ball by having it go to the right of the one falling.
4) Throw a normal RH tennis throw by uncrossing your hands as you move to catch the falling ball.
5) Throw a normal reverse cascade throw by moving to cross your hands L over R to catch the falling ball.

Now we do the same thing on the other side. I’ll restart the numbering for simplicity.
1) Throw the RH fake U-ball throw way to the inside, so that you can
2) Throw a LH outside throw a little to the left, so that you can
3) Continue Mills Mess by throwing a normal U-ball throw
4) Throw a normal tennis throw, then
5) Throw a normal reverse cascade throw.

That’s all there is to it. Practice to make it smooth, then check out the video to see Charley in action.

-Will Penman