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Danielle: (4,2)(4x,2)(2,4)*

Danielle consists of two parts: changing from juggling 2-in-1 hand under-the-arm to juggling 2-in-1 hand over-the-arm, as well as the opposite.

Version 0.5
First we’ll learn how to change from under-the-arm to over-the-arm.
Begin with your arms crossed L over R, with 2 balls in your RH and one in your LH, and with your LH face down (in clawing position)
1) Juggle 2-in-1 hand in columns in your RH. This is the under-the-arm part.
2) When you throw the right 2-in-1 hand ball, simultaneously claw throw the ball in your RH so that it goes to the same height.
3) Begin to swing your LH over the 2-in-1 hand balls, reaching the point that’s parallel with your RH at the same time as you throw the left 2-in-1 hand throw.
4) Finish swinging your arm by making an under-the-arm catch with your LH and a regular catch with your RH. Now you are doing 2-in-1 hand, except the throws are coming from the hand on top instead of the hand on bottom.

Practice this on both sides: simultaneous throw, swinging arm, another 2-in-1 hand throw, under-the-arm catch.

Version 1.0

Now we will consider changing from over-the-arm to under the arm.
Begin R over L, juggling 2-in-1 hand in your RH and holding a ball in your LH. To change to the other side of the pattern, we need to transfer the 2-in-1 hand to the LH.
1) When you’re ready, catch the right 2-in-1 hand ball and do a chop over the left 2-in-1 hand ball, ending in clawing position.
2) Throw the ball in your LH as a 2-in-1 hand throw. Catch the ball coming down, and begin 2-in-1 hand by rethrowing it to the left of the other one.

Now on the left side of the pattern, we can do the swinging section described in Version 0.5. After that, we can do the two steps in this version, except on the other side. After that, you can do the swing part, and after that you can do the transfer part, and after that…

Version 2.0
You’re on the home stretch now. You know all the elements; the only trick is to combine them so it looks the best:
Begin L over R, LH holding a ball in clawing position, RH holding two balls.
1) Throw the first 2-in-1 hand ball on the left
2) Simultaneously throw a 2-in-1 hand throw on the right and a claw throw
3) Swing your LH around. When it’s about parallel with your RH, rethrow the left 2-in-1 hand ball.
4) Finish the arm swinging by making an under-the-arm catch of the claw throw with your LH. At the same time, catch with your RH the other ball you threw simultaneously in Step 2.
5) Chop with the ball in your RH, catch the 2-in-1 hand ball that’s falling to your LH, and turn your RH over.
6) Throw the ball in your LH to the right.

Back to over-the-arm now!
7) Simultaneously claw throw from your RH and under-the-arm throw from your LH
8) Start swinging…
That's it. It takes practice, but it's a nice pattern. If you want to see the finished product, you can check out the video.

-Will Penman