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Hurricane Series

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Earl: (4,2)(4x,2)*

Earl is the simplest trick in the Hurricane Series. Itís composed of only two beats on each side.

Version 0.5
Letís examine the first beat.
Start with one ball in each hand.
1) Swing your LH under your RH. When it gets there
2) Make a simultaneous throw: the RH throws its ball straight up as a 4, and the LH makes a short under-the-arm throw (thrown under the RHís 4) that arcs to the left side of the juggling space.
This throw is a little tricky, because you have to make sure that the 4 goes significantly higher than the under-the-arm 2. Also, itís difficult to get the LH ball to move left and the RH ball to go straight up.
3) As soon as you make that simultaneous throw, swing your LH back to its regular spot (so that your hands are uncrossed), and catch the ball you threw.
4) After you catch that ball, catch the 4 thatís coming down.
5) Do it on the other side.

Version 1.0
Two ball tricks are no fun, so letís add a ball in.
Start with two balls in your RH and one in your LH.
1) Swing your LH under your RH. When it gets there
2) Make the simultaneous throw
3) Swing your LH back to an uncrossed position and catch the under-the-arm thrown ball. Before, your RH was just sitting there waiting for the 4 to come down; now we have a ball. That means that as youíre swinging your LH, throw the ball in your RH as a crossing 4 (as high as the simultaneous 4, but going to the other hand).
4) With your RH, catch the 4 coming down.

Now begin it on the other side:
5) Swing your RH under your LH
6) Make the simultaneous throw, with the LH ball going straight up, and the RH ball traveling in an arc to the right, flying under the 4 going up, and over the 4 coming down.
7) With your LH: catch the 4 thatís coming down, rethrow it as a crossing 4, and catch the 4 thatís falling. With your RH: swing it back to normal position, and catch the arcing ball thatís coming down.

And thatís Earl! Itís a simple but fun application of under-the-arm 2ís, which is relatively unexplored territory.
Alternatively, you could learn Earl as a progressions of tricks, like it shows in the video: Mills Mess, then Fake Mess, then Fake Mess with the U-ball thrown at the same time as the other one, then Fake Mess with the U-ball thrown in an under-the-arm cascade type of throw.

-Will Penman