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Frances: (4x,2x)(2,4x)(4,2)*

Frances is a trick that's based off of Penman's Pandemonium. It looks refreshingly different from most 3 ball tricks because of a vertical, simultaneous throw.
By the way, in the pictures below (all painstakingly drawn to look as life-like as possible), the gray arrows are hand movements, and the colored arrows are ball throws.

Version 0.5

1) Start with one ball in each hand, L over R, LH in clawing position.

1) Simultaneously claw throw with your LH and regular throw with your RH, catching the regular throw with your LH still in clawing position.

2) Swing your LH around.

3) Catch the falling ball.

4) Continue swinging your LH, and let your RH join in on the fun.

5) End the swinging motion when you come to a R over L position.

Now practice it on the other side. In Frances, learning two balls is the crucial part. Once you have this step down, it's just a matter of filling in the gaps. For the sake of page loading time, the tutorial continues on another page for 3 balls.