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Frances... Continued

Version 1.0
So, once you have the two ball version of Frances down, you're ready to give the real thing a go. Don't worry, it's divided into very manageable bite-sized chunks:

Begin with two balls in your RH, one in your LH, LH held straight above your RH and in clawing position.

1) Simultaneously claw throw a ball from your LH and throw one normally from your RH. Since your LH is directly above your RH, catch the RH ball in your LH.

2) Swing your LH around, going over the ball in the air. At the same time, make a 2-in-hand throw to the inside with your RH.

3) Catcht the ball coming down.

4) Continue the swinging, this time adding your RH into it.

5) Stop swinging when your hands are crossed. Right now, you need to

6) Make a 2-in-1 hand throw to the inside.

7) Catch the ball coming down.

Now for the other side!

8) Simultaneous throw. In your RH, catch the ball headed upwards, and in your LH, catch the one coming downwards.

9) Swing your RH over the ball coming up. At the same time, throw an inside 2-in-1 hand throw with your LH.

10) Catch the ball coming down, and begin swinging with both hands.

11) Stop swinging when you get to a crossed arm position.

12) Throw a RH inside 2-in-1 hand throw and catch the ball coming down.

13) Congratualations! You've made it back to the beginning. If you want to keep going, see step 1.

And that's Frances. If the pictures didn't do it for you, there's always the video to look at. And after spending this much time already, you don't really have an excuse for not making yourself learn it.

-Will Penman