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Half Earl Variation

Half Earl Variation: (4,2)

Earl is a trick that plays with 2ís. In this variation, you juggle 2-in-1 hand in columns, and every time the outside ball is thrown, you do one of two things with the ball youíre holding in your other hand:

Version 1.0
Begin with two balls in your RH and one in your LH, with your hands crossed R over L.
1) Throw a ball from your RH as a 4 (a 2-in-1 hand throw). This will be the inside ball.
Now that weíve thrown the inside ball, the next step is to throw the outside ball. With the Half Earl Variation, every time you throw the outside ball, you also do something with the ball in your other (left) hand. That means you need to
2) Simultaneously throw the ball in your RH and the ball in your LH. The RH ball needs to go straight up on the outside because itís a 2-in-1 hand ball, and the LH ball needs to be an under-the-arm throw that arcs to the left. It should travel under the RH ball and over the falling 2-in-1 hand ball.
3) Swing your LH out from under your RH and catch the ball you just threw. About the same time, catch in your RH the 2-in-1 hand ball coming down.

Now for the other cool thing you do with the 2 ball.
4) Throw an inside RH 2-in-1 hand throw and catch the outside ball coming down. Now youíre going to do a RH 2-in-1 hand throw again. That means
5) Simultaneously throw the RH and LH balls. The RH ball should go straight up on the outside as a 2-in-1 hand throw, and the LH throw should arc to the right. It should go over the inside ball and under the outside RH ball youíre throwing.
6) Swing your LH under your RH and catch the arcing ball you just threw. At about the same time, catch the falling inside 2-in-1 hand ball in your RH.

Now weíre back to where we started. Itís a time to repeat: inside 2-in-1 hand throw, simultaneous throw, inside 2-in-1 hand throw, other kind of simultaneous throw, then back to the beginning!

And thatís the Half Earl Variation for you. Don't forget to learn it on the other side too... or to learn one of a thousand variations that you can make up.

-Will Penman

For the siteswap geeks, the siteswap of the video is a little different than (4,2). On the video, I threw the 2ís higher than I describe them here, so technically the siteswap is (4,4)(4,0), but for the sake of consistency, I wrote it (4,2).