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Hurricane Series

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Hurricane Series

After the very active storm season that hit Florida in 2004, I decided to name the tricks I was making up according to that theme. I started at Charley (which accounts for the weird time frame of the tricks) and went through all 21 hurricane names. Then I did it again, writing a tutorial for each trick, which can be accessed by clicking "Explanation".
Without further ado, I present the full Hurricane Series, A to W.

(Posted 2005)
Alex 3 balls: I dare anyone to figure out what's going on in this trick (561 Kb) Explanation
Bonnie 3 balls: The balls might as well be the moon for all the orbiting they're doing! (475 Kb) Explanation

(Posted 2004)
Charley 3 balls: Think Mills Mess on steroids and you'll get a good picture of it (538 Kb) Explanation
Danielle 3 balls: I think I'm falling in love with synchronicity (497 Kb) Explanation
Earl 3 balls: And I think to myself, What does an under-the-arm 2 look like? (134 Kb) Explanation
Half Earl Variation 3 balls: Interesting... (90 Kb) Explanation
Frances 3 balls: Now to conduct an experiment using vertically aligned throws (280 Kb) Explanation
Gaston 3 balls: When the cat's away... (128 Kb) Explanation
Hermine 3 balls: A flowy multiplex (259 Kb) Explanation
Ivan 4 balls: A stew of weird throws, multiplex catches, and busy carries (542 Kb) Explanation
Jeanne 3 balls: Imagine doing Earl and Rubenstein's Revenge at the same time (545 Kb) Explanation
Karl 3 balls: Does it look like a flower or does it look like a heart? (438 Kb) Explanation
Lisa 4 balls: A multiplex packed with potential for variations (477 Kb) Explanation
Lisa Variation 4 balls: Here's one of the things you can do with it (476 Kb) Explanation
Matthew 3 balls: Looks simple, but the catches are very visually appealing (487 Kb) Explanation
Nicole 3 balls: Who knew 45303 could be so much fun? (420 Kb) Explanation
Otto 3 balls: You've got to be loopy to try this one (434 Kb) Explanation
Paula 3 balls: Someone told me it looks like a tree in the wind. See for yourself (561 Kb) Explanation
Paula with clubs 3 clubs: The feel is the same, even though the shape isn't (652 Kb) Explanation
Richard 3 balls: The hand swings out, then back in (617 Kb) Explanation

(Posted 2005)
Shary 3 balls: Flows like the ocean, then pops up for a wave every once in a while (365 Kb) Explanation
Tomas 3 balls: Shows off a drop (561 Kb) Explanation
Virginia 3 balls: An elegant way to change the ball positions in 1-up 2-up (500 Kb) Explanation
Walter 4 balls: A very difficult trick because of the multiplex catches (448 Kb) Explanation

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