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Ivan: ([4x2],4x) (2,4x) ([2x4],2) (4,[22])*

Ivan is a crazy, complicated 4 ball multiplex that defies immediate comprehension. To break it down, each version in this tutorial will examine one of itís four throws.

Version 0.5
Begin with two balls in your RH and one in your LH, RH held face down. This first section is very similar to the first section of Hermine, so feel free to prep yourself with that before you begin.
1) Twist your RH counterclockwise as if you were going to penguin catch a ball. Use the twisting motion to
2) Throw as a crossing 4 the ball thatís being held by your RH pinky and ring finger. At the same time, throw the ball in your LH as a crossing 4. The LH throw should go under the RH throw.
3) With your RH, orbit clockwise. Since your hand is in a weird position, you can orbit so that your palm is always facing the ball. Finish this step by catching both balls. Catch the one in your RH with your pinky and ring finger in normal hand position, and catch the one in your LH normally.
Practice this on both sides.

Version 1.0
When you can handle the twisted throw and orbit catch, youíll notice that your LH has an extra beat where it just sits there. Weíll fix that by adding Ivanís second throw:
1) Do the simultaneous throw as before
2) When your RH starts its orbit, throw an outside 2-in-1 hand throw with your LH.
3) Do the simultaneous catch. For practice, letís make these two throws into a trick by immediately
4) Doing the simultaneous twist throw
5) Doing the 2-in-1 hand throwÖ repeat until your arms are tired.
Notice that you donít throw the ball being held by your RH index and middle fingers when doing this. Weíll fix that in the next version.

Version 1.5
Youíre halfway there. This version is a stop-and-start warm-up for the real thing. Start with two balls in each hand, RH face down.
1) Do the simultaneous crossing throw.
2) Do the outside 2-in-1 hand throw, RH orbit and catch.
Now for the new part:
3) Swing your RH under your LH. Throw the two balls up as a split multiples, with the ball on the right going higher than the one on the left.
4) Unswing your RH and catch the falling 2-in-1 hand ball. About the same time, catch the lower of the split-multiplex pair.
5) Catch the other ball coming down in your RH.
Now letís try it on the other side. Twisted simultaneous throw, 2-in-1 hand throw, split multiplex throw.

Version 2.0
This is it. As before, start with two balls in each hand, RH face down.
1) Twisted simultaneous throw.
2) 2-in-1 hand type throw.
3) Under-the-arm split multiplex throw.
4) Unswing your RH and catch the 2-in-1 hand ball coming down. Now for the change:
5) Swing your RH back under your LH and throw it up as a 4. Catch the ball coming down in your RH.

Now for the other side!
6) Twist your LH clockwise
7) Simultaneously throw the pinky/ring finger ball in your LH and the ball in your RH.
8) Orbit with your LH, catch and rethrow with your RH.
9) Swing your LH under your RH, make a split multiplex throw.
10) Unswing to catch the falling ball, reswing and throw it again. Meanwhile, catch the lower of the split multiplex pair.
11) Catch the ball in your LH thatís coming down and youíre back at the beginning.

Complicated? Yes. The video is always there to help if youíre confused. But Ivan is a satisfying pattern nonetheless.

-Will Penman