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Jeanne: (4,2)(4x,2)(2,4x)(4x,2)

Jeanne is a long trick—four throws per side. The only way I could think to teach it was by going straight to it, without any preliminaries. Here Jeanne is, throw by throw:

Version 1.0
Begin with two balls in your RH and one in your LH.

First throw:
1) Swing your LH under your RH and simultaneously throw a ball from your RH and a ball from your LH to the left side of the pattern. The LH throw should be a really low under-the-arm toss and the RH throw should be to 4 height. Try to get the balls to line up vertically as they fly to the left.
2) Swing your LH out from under your RH and catch the ball it just threw. About the same time

Second throw:
3) Throw the ball remaining in your RH as a 4 also going to the left.
4) Cross your hands R over L so your RH can catch the ball coming down from the simultaneous throw.

Third throw:
5) Throw the ball in your LH as an under-the-arm 4 going straight up and to the outside of the ball coming down. As soon as you do that you can
6) (still crossed R over L) Catch in your LH the ball coming down. Immediately after that,
7) Uncross your hands and re-cross them L over R

Fourth throw:
8) Throw the ball in your RH as an under-the-arm throw going to the right
9) Swing your RH back to normal position so you can catch the ball coming down, then swing it back (so you are L over R) and you’re ready to do it on the other side:

Renumbered for simplicity
1) Simultaneous high-low throw, catch the ball coming down in your LH.
2) Unswing and catch the low ball in your RH. At the same time
3) LH throw to the right
4) RH swings over to catch the ball coming down.
5) RH under-the-arm straight-up throw to the outside
6) RH under-the-arm catch
7) Uncross, re-cross to R over L
8) LH under-the-arm throw to the left
9) Uncross to catch, re-cross and you’re ready for the simultaneous throw in step 1.

If you need further help, you can watch the video or email me.

-Will Penman