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Karl: 423

To be honest, Karl always felt a little off to me, probably because itís a bit jerkish. I still really like it though, because Karl is a trick the features something relatively unique: crossed arm orbits. Iíll show you what I mean:

Version 0.5
Start with one ball in each hand, RH held facedown in clawing position.
1) Throw the ball in your LH straight up as a 4. About the same time
2) Swing your RH in a counterclockwise circle over and around the ball, staying in clawing position as you do it. Stop swinging when youíve completed a full circle.
3) Catch the ball coming down in your LH. Turn your RH back to normal and your LH to clawing position.

Now youíre ready to do it on the other side: throw and orbit, catch.

If you notice, when you throw the ball, you have a lot of free time in that hand until the ball comes down. Adding a ball to fill in that gap transforms the innocuous pattern we did in Version 0.5 to a full-fledged member of the Hurricane Series.

Version 1.0
Begin with two balls in your LH and one in your RH, with your RH face down.
1) Throw a ball in your LH straight up as a 4, like you had been doing, and start to orbit with your RH.
2) When the ball peaks and begins to fall, throw the ball in your LH straight up to the right of the ball in the air. (Note that this is an under-the-arm throw, since your RH is still orbiting)
3)Finish swinging: your RH should come under the ball and slip back into its normal position as you catch the falling ball in your LH and turn it over to clawing position.

Quickly! Youíre ready for the other side now!
4) Start swinging with your LH (going under the ball in the air) and throw the ball in your RH straight up, to the right of the ball in the air.
5) Keep orbiting with your LH, going over and around the ball you just threw. Also make an under-the-arm catch with your RH.
6) As you continue to orbit with your LH, re-throw the ball in your RH straight up to the inside of the other ball.
7) Finish orbiting and catch the ball coming down in your RH. Turn your hands over and youíre ready to go on the other side.

Thatís Karl. The throwing pattern is right right left left. In between the right right or left left is an orbit with your other hand. Hopefully youíll enjoy it as much as I do. And remember, if you can, thereís always the video to watch.

-Will Penman