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Hurricane Series

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Mills Mess Files

Version 0.5

Start with 2 balls: one ball in your RH and one in your left.
Right side:
1) Throw the ball in your RH straight up. As it¡¦s going¡K
2) Circle the ball counterclockwise with your LH, ending at the left of the falling ball. Your left palm should be facing up, and your LH should be a little above your RH, in a separate column (e.g. a little to the left as well as a little above)
3) Catch the falling ball
4) Throw both balls straight up. Since your LH was positioned a little higher than your right, the LH ball should go up a little higher than the RH ball.
5) Cross your hands R over L, and catch the balls again.
6) Uncross your hands.

Now learn the same thing left handed:
1) Throw the LH ball up
2) Circle it clockwise with the RH,
3) Catch the falling ball
4) Throw both balls up,
5) Cross your hands L over R, and catch both balls again.
6) Uncross your hands.

Practice making both sides smooth. When the motions become easy, you can have the brainpower to notice the gap after you¡¦ve thrown the one ball straight up, as well as the gap after you¡¦ve thrown both balls simultaneously. I like to snap during the gap to get a feel for what will happen when I add in the third ball, but that¡¦s just me.

Version 1.0

Start with 3 balls this time: 2 in your RH and one in your LH.
For the right side:
1) It begins with the same idea as before: Throw the first ball straight up
2) Start to circle with your right hand, then,
3) From your right hand, throw up the second ball to the left of the first. It¡¦s an under-the-arm throw (since your LH is circling on the right side of the juggling pattern) and it should go straight up.
4) Finish circling, and do the simultaneous toss. The other ball should be coming down now; catch it with your right hand as you cross your arms, then throw it straight back up.
5) Catch the simultaneously thrown balls as under the arm catches like before.
6) Uncross your hands.
7) Throw the ball in your LH straight up. As you catch the ball that¡¦s falling, begin the circle with your RH.

For the left side: same thing, only left handed.
If you need a visual, there's always the video.

-Will Penman