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Nicole: 45303

Siteswaps with 0ís and 2ís have great possibilities. With Nicole, we take advantage of a 0:

Version 1.0
I guess the first step is to learn the siteswap. Itís pretty self-explanatory, and if you can do the siteswap you can skip this section, but for those who canít, Iíll give a run-through throw by throw:
1) Juggle a three ball cascade. When youíre ready, we can start it on the right side.
2) Throw a RH 4, which is a head level throw that goes straight up.
3) Throw a LH 5, which is a high crossing throw that goes above the 4, but to the same side.
At this point, the pattern feels kind of lopsided. All the balls are on the RH side of the pattern. Not for long, thoughÖ
4) Throw a RH 3, a normal cascade throw.
5) Throw a LH 0. That means your LH sits there because it doesnít have any balls to throw.
6) Catch the 4 coming down in your RH, and throw it as a 3, which is, again, a normal cascade throw.

You can figure it out on the other side for yourself. Itís just a repeat of the right side: medium self throw, high crossing throw, cascade, pause, cascade.

Version 2.0
Once you have the siteswap down, you can spice it up by making the first 3 an under-the-arm throw.

1) Same as before for now: juggle a cascade.
2) Throw a RH 4
3) Throw a LH 5
4) Now it gets interesting. Instead of making a simple cascade throw with your RH, swing under your LH and throw it up there. The throw looks like the U-ball in Mills Mess, if that helps you visualize it. You have to be careful to make this throw low enough; if it goes too high, then the beat is messed up.
5) Wait with your LH (arenít 0ís fun?)
6) Catch the ball in your RH, throw it as a cascade throw. Catch the one falling in your LH, and youíre ready for the other side.
The other side is simply 4, 5, under-the-arm 3, 0, 3.

Version 3.0
Ready to get crazy? That 0 has been bugging me; I donít like to leave one arm sitting around doing nothing. If youíre wondering how to change the 0 to be something interesting, read on.
1) It begins easily enough. Juggle a cascade.
2) Throw a RH 4
3) Throw a LH 5
4) Throw the under-the-arm 3 with your RH. At this point, your LH gets in on the action. It doesnít have to do anything for another two bests, so itís free for now. The ball is coming to your LHís left; begin to orbit it clockwise. Donít stop until youíve made a complete revolution.
5) While you're orbiting, your LH naturally crosses over your RH. It's your RH's turn to throw a 3, so you need to throw that one under your orbiting LH. Throw it as a straight up 3, just like the U-ball in Mills Mess. Then swing your RH back to regular position to catch the ball coming down.
6) When your LH is tired from going all the way around the ball, you can catch it.
7) Repeat on the other side: 4, 5, under-the-arm 3, orbiting, under-the-arm 3.

And thatís Nicole. Thereís a video, for your added pleasure, and if you need extra help you can always email me. I donít think Nicole should be too much of a problem conceptually, however. Give it a go!

-Will Penman