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Hurricane Series

Other Videos

Mills Mess Files

Other Videos

This is the section with all the miscellaneous videos that don't fit in somewhere else. Enjoy the randomness...

3 balls
Elevator (130 Kb)
Triple Trouble (131 Kb)
Penman's Pandemonium (431 Kb)
Mills Mess Variation (394 Kb)
Varying Columns (563 Kb)
423 Penguin Variation (425 Kb)
Mountains (539 Kb) Explanation
Symmetrical "Drop Box" (818 Kb)
Knee Placers (582 Kb)
Knee Placers 2 (634 Kb)
A Karas Combo (709 Kb)

4 Balls
4 Ball Synch Fake Shower (163 Kb)
4 Ball Multiplex 441 Mills Mess (431 Kb)

3 Clubs
Wraparound Throws (1097 Kb) Simultaneously an under-the-arm and over-the-arm throw. Figure that out.
Ice Cream (1180 Kb) After all, it is hand dipped.