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Otto: 42423

When I was planning on writing the tutorial for Otto, I looked at the video and didnít even remember that I had come up with that trick! After I relearned it, I think itís quite a nice pattern. Hopefully youíll agreeÖ

Version 0.5
Start with one ball in each hand.
1) Your RH is going to make the shape of a roller coaster loop. You start in facedown position, swing your hand up and to the left, make a loop while you turn you hand back over to normal position, and swing down to the left, to end with your arms crossed R over L. As soon as you begin to swing up, though,
2) Throw the ball in your LH straight up as a 2-in-1 hand throw. This lets your RH do its loop _through_ the ball by having it go under, around, and back under the ball.
3) Finish looping with your RH, then catch the falling ball as an under-the-arm catch with your LH.
Practice it on the other side.

Version 1.0
Enough of the warm-up, letís go straight to it!
Start with two balls in your LH and one in your RH.
1) Begin your RH looping. Make sure it goes under the ball that you
2) Throw with your LH.
3) Loop around the ball with your RH, and swing down.
In the part before, all you had to do was stop here. Now, though, we have another ball in our LH, so to make it into a real pattern weíre going to add two throws:
4) As the 2-in-1 hand throw comes down, throw a LH under-the-arm throw. It should go pretty much straight up; if you throw it like the U-ball in Mills Mess, you should be fine. Now you can catch the ball coming down in your LH.
At this point, itís time for the second additional throw:
5) Throw a crossed-arm throw with your RH, heading the ball to the right side of the pattern as your hand also moves to the right to catch the under-the-arm ball you just threw.

Now weíre free to do it on the other side:
6) Begin to loop with your LH.
7) Throw a straight-up RH throw
8) Make your LH go under the ball, then travel in a counterclockwise circle around it before going to the right.
9) As the straight up RH throw is coming down, throw an under-the-arm throw with your RH that goes pretty much straight up. (After that, youíre free to catch the U-ball coming down, of course.)
10) Make a LH crossed-arm throw going to the left, also bringing your hand to the left so it can catch the ball you just threw.

Youíre back completely at the beginning now. Once you get the hang of Version 0.5, I donít think Otto is too difficult. In fact, I really enjoy how leisurely the swinging can get. One hard part is to transfer from the cascade to Otto. In the video, I do a rushed swinging and then start; you can figure out better ways after you figure it out from a cold start. Have fun!

-Will Penman