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Paula: 4233333

Paula is a complicated trick. I was having trouble coming up with how to explain it, then in Davenport I showed Paula to a Japanese kid and he got it right away. It was a good thing too, since he didnít speak any EnglishÖ

Version 1.0 I hope you know Half Mess, because all this version covers is doing Half Mess twice on one side before switching to the next. If you can follow that, skip to the next section. Otherwise, Iíll give a very brief explanation of Half Mess. Once you learn it, you can do it so that the U-ball is thrown twice on each side before you change sides.
Half Mess is Mills Mess, except for one small change: in normal Mills Mess, you throw the U-ball (the under-the-arm throw), then follow that with an over-the-arm throw that arcs to the other side of the pattern, where itís caught over-the-arm. With Half Mess,
1) Throw the over-the-arm throw straight up. (Your hands still alternate throws, so if your RH just threw, throw with your LH next, and vice versa).
2) Uncross your hands and throw a reverse cascade throw.
3) Throw another reverse cascade throw, then cross your hands back the way they were before so you can catch the falling ball.
4) Throw a U-ball, catch the one falling while your hands are in that position, then go back to the beginning.
So, your hands keep crossing either just R over L or just L over R, instead of Mills Mess, where it alternates. The effect is that youíre doing half of Mills Mess, get it?

Version 2.0
Hereís another easy change:
1) Same as before, but claw throw and catch with whichever hand is on top. So when your hands arenít uncrossed, claw catch and throw with the over-the-arm hand.

Version 3.0
This is Paula. Before, weíve been taking baby steps. Now itís time for a little bit of a jump.
1) Do Version 2.0 and pay attention to the pattern, especially the throw right before the second U-ball throw on each side. Right now itís a crossed arm catch, then a crossed arm throw going to the other side of the pattern. Weíre going to spice it up a bit:
2) Instead of that crossed arm throw I just mentioned, claw carry the ball over the other balls until your arms are crossed the other way. While thatís going on,
3) Throw the U-ball, then throw the next ball in that hand up too,
4) Catch the U-ball (so in effect, you just did a short bit of 2-in-1 hand while your other hand is swinging around), turn that hand over so itís in clawing position, finish swinging,
5) Throw the swung ball up as a U-ball on the other side, catch the ball coming down, and begin the trick on the other side.

Good luck, itís a hard one, but the video should help, and if you still need help, feel free to email me.

-Will Penman