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Paula with Clubs

Paula with Clubs: 4233333

Once you have Paula down, then youíre ready to try it with clubs. Instead of all those claw catches, you replace those with half spin throws and catches. Like this:

Version 1.0 1) Juggle Paula without anything fancy.

Version 2.0
1) Do the same thing as above, except this time throw the first U-club as a half spin.
2) Make your next throw normally. Catch the one you just threw on the wrong end.
3) Your next throw is a cascade throw; make this one only a half flip too.
4) Throw the club youíre holding on the wrong end with another half flip. Reach over and catch the one you just threw on the wrong end.
5) Swing around; notice that your swinging arm is holding the club the wrong way. Itís pretty fun to swing that way, donít you think?
6) Since your swinging hand is already holding the club by the wrong end, when you make your first U-club throw on the other side, make it a full flip, so that youíll catch it on the wrong end again.

And now you just do it on the other side. The first U-club is caught and thrown on the wrong end, and the second throw after that is a half flip, later to be half flipped again. Other than that, the pattern is just Paula. Check out the video to keep track of all the half flips.

-Will Penman