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Shary: 42333

Shary is another trick that takes advantage of self 2s, i.e. short low throws that start and end in the same hand. It would be a good idea to be familiar with Earl before learning this trick, but you can easily learn Shary from scratch. Shary isnít too complicated, so Iíll cover it in two versions.

Version 1.0
This is a version of Shary that doesnít look bad, but doesnít look as good as it could (which is why there is a Version 2.0!).
Start by juggling a three ball cascade. When itís your RHís turn to throw
1) Throw a 4 (a straight-up throw going to about eye level) to what I call the ďoutsideĒ of the falling ball (in this case, throw to the right of the ball coming down).
2) Now make a really low LH throw going to the far right of the pattern, past your RH. Whip your LH under your RH and catch it.
That was the self 2, the rest is just cleaning up:

3) Throw a normal RH cascade throw. Since your LH is crossed under your RH, though, itís actually an over-the-arm cascade throw. However you think of it, throw it to the left and catch the 4 coming down.
4) Throw an under-the-arm LH throw traveling straight up and to the left. Swing your LH back to normal throwing position and catch the cascade throw from the last step. 5) Throw a RH reverse cascade throw and begin the cascade with your LH.

From here, youíre in the cascade. Continue with it until you feel like you can do the pattern on the other side: outside 4, thrown 2 to an under-the-arm catch, over-the-arm throw, cascade throw to the inside, reverse cascade throw.

Version 2.0
Youíre so close to Shary that I considered not even making this a section and teaching the whole thing in one part. The only difference is to go straight from doing the pattern on one side to doing it on the other side:
Start by juggling the cascade. The first few steps are the same.
1) Throw an outside 4 with your RH.
2) Throw the 2, whip your LH under your RH, and catch it.
3) Throw an over-the-arm RH cascade throw (going to the left, if you didnít know).
4) Throw an under-the-arm LH throw going to the left, (uncross to catch the falling ball) so that when you
5) Throw a RH reverse cascade throw, it can go over the ball you just threw.

Now comes the tricky part. Go straight into it on the other side. That means that the RH reverse cascade throw is heading to the left of the pattern, and now you:
6) Throw a LH 4 to the outside (which isnít difficult, since the reverse cascade throw doesnít go too far to the left).
7) Do the RH thrown 2, whip around and under the arm catch.
8) Now the LH throws a normal cascade throw
9) The RH throws a cascade throw going to the inside.
10) Throw a LH reverse cascade throw.

Now youíre back at the start. To continue, throw an immediate RH outside 4.

Thatís Shary. I like it because it involves different throw heights, but still flows. Like the video shows, there are highs and lows, but... I'll stop now.

-Will Penman