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Hurricane Series

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Tomas: 42423

Version 0.5

Begin with one ball in each hand, with your RH held facedown and crossed over your LH.
1) Throw an under-the-arm 4 with your LH. 4s are usually head-level, in the video I throw it a little higher to give myself more time to do the fiddly bits:
2) Drop the ball in your RH, then immediately
3) Whip your RH around, going under the 4 to make an under-the-arm catch with the ball you just dropped.
4) Catch the 4 coming down.

When youíve practiced it on both sides, youíre ready to step it up a notch to a three ball pattern.

Version 1.0
Start with one ball in your RH and two in your LH. Your RH should be crossed over your left and held facedown.
1) Throw a LH 4.
2) Drop the ball in your RH,
3) Whip your arm around and catch it.
4) Throw a LH over-the-arm cascade throw, and catch the 4 coming down.
5) Uncross your arms and start a cascade with a RH throw.

You can keep cascading until you want to try it on the other side. There is a little set-up to get into it from the cascade: throw a 4 with your RH (going to the inside of the cascade ball), then cross your LH over your RH while twisting your LH to be in clawing position. Now youíre in position to do it: Throw the 4 (going to the outside of the other 4), catch the ball coming down with your RH, drop, swing around, and catch with your LH, then finish with an over-the-arm RH throw. Uncross your arms and you can continue the cascade.

Version 2.0
Now for the full Tomas deal. Weíll start from a cascade.
1) Throw an inside LH 4.
2) Cross your RH over your LH while turning your RH to a facedown, dropping position.
3) Throw an outside LH 4 and catch the falling 4.
4) Drop. (Thatís about the only time Iíll ever give that instruction, eh?)
5) Swing around to catch what you dropped.
6) Throw a LH cascade throw, then catch the falling ball and uncross.

This is normally where you go back into cascade, right? Not for Tomas. We had a cascade throw; letís go into it directly into the other side:

The cascade throw is coming over to the right side of the pattern.
7) Throw an inside RH 4.
8) Cross and turn over your LH.
9) Throw a RH outside 4, catch the ball coming down.
10) Drop from your LH.
11) Whip around and catch it.
12) Throw a RH cascade throw. With the same hand, catch the 4 coming down and uncross your hands.

Now continue Tomas by repeating on the left side (steps 1-6).

I think Tomas is a great pattern. There are different throw heights, different hand movements, different hand rhythms... basically itís a cool pattern. To remind you of what it looks like, hereís the video. Once you learn it, there are a lot of variations you can do. But I'll leave those up to you.

-Will Penman