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Virginia: (4,4)(4,0)(4x,2)*
Oftentimes 1-up 2-up variations are boring, and penguin catches look ugly. Virginia is a 3 ball trick that will stop the trend.

Version 1.0
Let's start with the base 1-up 2-up pattern.
1) Juggle 1-up 2-up with the 1-up thrown and caught to the left of the 2-up by your RH. This means your RH catches and throws the 1-up from an under-the-arm position.
Practice this on both sides.

Version 2.0
Now we need a way to switch between the 1-up being thrown by your RH on the left side of the pattern and the 1-up being thrown by your LH on the right side of the pattern. Here's the way we'll learn it:
Start with two balls in your RH and one in your LH, with both hands' position shifted to the right a little.
1) Throw the 2-up like normal.
2) Cross your RH under your LH to throw the 1-up.
3) Uncross to catch the two balls coming down. Now is the time to switch. Instead of throwing the 2-up again,
4) Just throw up the ball in your RH, like half of a 2-up. At the same time, swing your LH in an arc over the ball coming down.
5) Simultaneously catch the falling ball in your RH and finish the arc with your LH, bringing your LH to its normal throwing position on the left side of the pattern.

Now we're exactly where we started, but on the other side.
6) Throw the two balls up together (as the 2-up).
7) Cross your Lh under your RH to catch the ball coming down, and re-throw it as the 2-up.
8) Uncross to catch the two balls coming down. Now switch back:
9) Throw the ball in your LH. This would be a 2-up, but instead, we want our Rh to start swinging in an arc to the right over the falling ball.
10) Catch the falling ball in your LH and finish swinging with your RH.

That's one way the 1-up 2-up we were doing in Version 1.0 can be changed to be juggled on the other side. But I mentioned penguin catches. That adds the spice the pattern needs to be called Virginia.

Version 3.0
Start like before:
1) Throw the 2-up.
2) Cross your RH under your LH to throw the under-the-arm 1-up. As you uncross your hands to catch the 2-up,
3) Twist your LH into penguin position. Catch the right column ball in your RH normally, and the left column ball in your LH as a penguin catch.
4) When you begin to arc with your LH, untwist your hand back to normal at the same time. (It looks like making a hard left hand turn with a steering wheel.)

Of course, when you do the 2-up on the other side, catch the inside ball with your RH as a penguin catch.

That's Virginia. It's a great way to change from a 1-up 2-up variation to the same thing on the other side. One variation of Virginia is to do the 1-up 2-up pattern on one side as long as you want before changing over with the penguin catch arc. The link to the video is here. Once you learn it, you can make up your own variations!

-Will Penman